Tork Kratos X Price in India, Features, Mileage, Launch Date, Bookings

Get all crucial updates about the Tork Kratos X Price in India, Features, Mileage, Launch Date, and Bookings Here. In this article, we will be sharing all the precise details regarding the test rise, launching date, delivery schedule and the Tork Kratos X Price in India.

Tork Kratos X Price in India

India, being the land of vibrant colours and crowded streets, is about to witness a new revolution in two-wheeler bikes. The market of electric bikes started evolving in India when the electric motorcycle Matter Aera was launched in the nation, and now the spark is fueled up. Electrical bikes have catered for a unique niche among riders, who previously appreciated traditional bikes that ran on petrol.

Tork Kratos will soon be launched in India with a powerful motor, premium built quality, and reasonable pricing. E-bikes offer sustainable efficient travelling along with prioritising personal health and environmental well-being. E-bikes are popular among commuters because of their eco-friendly nature and zero emissions. The upcoming Tork Kratos X aims to compete with the typical 250cc bikes.

Tork Kratos X Features

Tork Motors is an Indian electronic motorcycle manufacturing brand that, in the past, faced financial challenges and, as an outcome, had to halter the production and sales of its products. Recently, Tork Motors announced to launch of a new and more powerful e-bike named Tork Kratos X, which was first showcased at the Auto Expo headquarters located in New Delhi.

Tork Kratos X Price in India

The bikes will be launched with a cool feature of the Winglets, which will deliver power from the engine to the wheel of the bike. If you desire to prebook the Tork Kratos X, you will have to make an advance payment of INR 20,000. The powerful battery of the bike delivers the maximum output of an impressive bhp and 28Nm of torque, which provide immense performance. Additionally, the battery will take a decent amount to charge. However, it offers an excellent driving range.

Tork Kratos X Mileage

Kratos X have been newly added to the portfolio of the Tork in India, and the price starts from INR1.80 lakh, but the on-road price may vary depending on the state due to Government Taxation Laws. The bike has the feature of a powerful battery that delivers an impressive bhp power output, providing a superior driving experience. With a range of 120 km per charge, it allows for long-distance travel and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Tork Kratos X shared many similar design elements and mechanical components to the Kratos R, yet it comes with several advanced features. It features an LED headlight, giving it a more modern look, along with stylish bodywork that includes tank shrouds and chiselled side panels, adding to its aggressive stance. Apart from this, the bike has top-of-the-line braking and suspension systems, offering maximum control and a smooth driving experience even on rough roads.

Tork Kratos X Launch Date

Tork Motors is gearing up to launch the Kratos X, its latest electric motorcycle, in India in June 2024, with an expected price range of INR 1,80,000 to INR 1,90,000. Overall, the Tork Kratos X is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the electric motorcycle segment in India, offering a blend of performance, style, and technology.

Once the bike is available for the test rise, the company will let the customers know about it. Till then, have a look at the booking segment and keep visiting our website for more such updates.

Tork Kratos X Bookings

Numerous websites on the Internet will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the Tork Kratos X, along with the road price in India. The online platform also offers a comparison tool that can help the customer compare the bike rate with other EMI options used to calculate the monthly EMI of the bike.

In terms of technology, the Kratos X comes with a new TFT dash that provides additional data and information to the rider. Additionally, Tork has redesigned the winglets and turn indicators on the Kratos X, giving it a fresh and updated look compared to its predecessor.

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