PM Suryodaya Yojana 2024 Online Apply, Registration, Form, Benefits, List

Check out all the latest updates about the PM Suryodaya Yojana 2024 Online Apply, Registration, Form, Benefits, and List in this post. The PM Suryodaya Yojana was announced on 22 January 2024 with the aim of installing solar panels in billions of houses.

PM Suryodaya Yojana 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the PM Suryodaya Yojana as a chief step toward sustainable energy. The crucial objective of the scheme was to provide affordable and accessible electricity to vulnerable and average-income holders by installing solar panels on the rooftop. Under the scheme, the member must be able to obtain a loan benefit to finance the solar unit.

More than one crore households promoted rooftop solar installations to encourage self-reliance on energy. PM Modi highlighted the significance of utilizing solar energy to financially empower families and diminish electricity bills. The beneficiary of the scheme is eligible for the subsidy based on the capacity of the solar panel installation.

PM Suryodaya Yojana Benefits

Before you apply for the scheme, kindly have a glance at the benefits that you can gain by being a part of it.

PM Suryoday Yojana

  • For families consuming more than 300 units per month, the more additional consumption translates to inflated electricity bills. If households switch to solar power, they can potentially save most of their electricity bills.
  • The scheme will reduce the installation cost by imparting subsidies and financial incentives, making solar power economically feasible for families.

The chief motive for executing the scheme is to free the individuals of the nation from the burden of elevated electricity bills by encouraging them to install solar panels on the roof of the house.

PM Suryodaya Yojana Registration

In a nutshell, applying for the PM Suryodaya Yojana includes the eligibility requirements, furnishing essential documents, filling out the form, submitting to the authorities, the verification stage, and finally, receiving financial aid directly to the linked bank account. To stay updated and monitor the application status, we recommend visiting the official portal and entering the registration number to review the status.

Recently, the subsidy price for the 1kW system has been set to INR 30,000; for 2kW systems, it is INR 60,000; and for 3kW systems, it is capped at INR 78,000. To be eligible for the PM Suryodaya Yojana, the claimant must be Indian and must own a house with a roof with appropriate space for installing the solar panel. Apart from this, the family must have a valid power connection.

PM Suryodaya Yojana Online Apply Procedure

Customers who wish to enroll themselves in the scheme must register on the national portal. We have shared a guide to making the application procedure straightforward to apply.

  • On the home page of the portal, enter your mobile number to receive a one-time password.
  • After registration, click on the ‘ Registration’ link to proceed ahead.
  • Input all the details and completely fill in the application. The applicant has to provide certain details such as housing information, bank details, proof of identity, and many more.
  • Submit the application, and you will be allocated the registration number, which you can utilize for checking the application status.

Or else approach your local government office or any designated government authority responsible for PM Suryodaya Yojana registration. You can also inquire at your nearest Common Service Center for further assistance.

PM Suryodaya Yojana Form

As an outcome, around 300 units of electricity units each month will be generated through the roof-mounted solar panel and also for free of cost. On average, the cost of setting up solar panels in India may range between INR 2,00,000 to INR 5,00,000. The Central Government has already made it official to contribute INR 10,000 crore to the Yojna.

Installing the solar panel can is damn expensive as it requires an off-grid inverter, a battery system for storing the power, and other electrical protection. If you are enrolled in the scheme, all of these expenditures can be managed effectivity as the Government will be providing sufficient funds to manage the cost.

PM Suryodaya Yojana List

The application process is open on the official website, which is Immediately collect all the relevant documents and make a claim using the online platform. Once the application procedure ends, the officials will publish the beneficiary list on the website.

The overall impact of the PM Suryodaya Yojana might vary depending on the factors, which include local market conditions, provisions, household preferences, and so on. Keep in mind to link the bank account with the Aadhaar Card for seamless transactions.

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