CISCE Recheck 2024 10th, 12th Recheck Result, Form, Apply Online

Here you will find all the essential information regarding CISCE Recheck 2024 10th, 12th Recheck Result, Form, Apply Online. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination has declared the results of its class 10th and 12th examinations. Candidates who have appeared for the examination can access the results with the help of the CISCE’s leading web portal. Therefore, candidates who are unsatisfied with their ICSE and ISC results can apply for a rechecking facility. Continue browsing this article, and you will know about the CISCE Recheck 2024 10th and 12th Recheck Result, its application form, and more.

CISCE Recheck 2024

The CISCE recheck is a process for Class 10 (ICSE) and Class 12 (ISC) students who took this year’s CISCE examinations. It allowed candidates to request verification of their answer sheets for any mistakes in marking. The recheck involved a re-examination of your answer booklet, but only to identify specific errors, which could be mistakes in totaling, missing marks where you wrote but weren’t awarded, and errors in carrying marks forward from one page to another.

The CISCE Recheck 2024 is to catch any clerical errors made during the marking process, potentially leading to an increase in your marks. The application window for the recheck opened on May 6th, 2024, and will stay open until May 10th, 2024. Unfortunately, if you miss this window, you won’t be able to apply for rechecking. However, it’s important to understand that rechecking doesn’t involve re-assessing your answers.

10th, 12th Recheck Result

The CISCE 10th and 12th grade exams were scheduled sometime in February or March. CISCE conducts the exams over a staggered period to accommodate a large number of students across different schools and regions. Regardless, the CISCE 2024 results for ICSE and ISC were announced on Fri, May 6th, 2024, at 11:00 IST, and along with this, they have also opened the CISCE Recheck 2024 application window.

CISCE Recheck 2024

The CISCE 10th and 12th Recheck Result date is yet to be declared since the application window itself has already been opened. The CISCE usually informs the Recheck Result a few weeks after the application window closes. Following this pattern, the CISCE Recheck 2024 might have been declared sometime in late May or early June of 2024. Therefore, the application window is typically short, so ensure you act promptly after the results are declared.

CISCE Recheck 2024 Form

The CISCE Recheck application form is typically available online on the CISCE leading web portal. On the portal, look for a section dedicated to results or announcements and search for something like ICSE/ISC recheck and re-evaluation forms.

Once you find the link, follow the pedagogy to register online and submit the form. Therefore, the application procedure might concern entering your exam roll number and other details. You are usually required to choose the subjects you want to be rechecked, and there is a processing fee associated with CISCE Recheck.

Apply Online

The 10th and 12th-grade CISCE results have been newly released, and candidates who are unsatisfied with their marks can apply for CISCE Recheck 2024. Here is the breakdown of the process for involving online:

  • Visit the official CISCE website.
  • Look for a section devoted to Results or Announcements after your results are displayed.
  • Search for a link or notification connected to CISCE Recheck or something similar.
  • Once you get the link, follow the instructions to register online. This might involve entering your login credentials and providing further information related to rechecking.
  • The application form will likely allow you to choose the subject and pay the processing fee using the designated online payment method.

With the help of the steps mentioned above, you can apply online. Thus, your application will only be approved once you pay the rechecking process fee.

The specific steps and website layout might change slightly year-on-year, so refer to the official CISCE website instructions.

CISCE Recheck Fee 2024

The application fee for the CISCE Recheck 2024 is Rs 1K per subject. Since the application window will be closed on May 10th, 2024, you won’t be able to apply for rechecking this year.

The rechecking result for ICSE and ISC is expected to be out within a 2 to 3-week period, and we would be able to pay this fee using the various payment methods offered by the CISCE.

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